Welcome and thank you for viewing my bio. I am a native of California and I am fortunate to work and live in contrasting settings; city urban and among the splendor of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The various demographic areas of which I’ve lived combined with various other places of travel and exploration, have influenced the subject matter of my work which can be described as versatile and evolving.

My Written Work

My technical communications take into consideration components such as audience, intercultural factors, and visual hierarchy. I began working toward a Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication in 2016 and couldn’t image a better academic path, especially combined with my study of visual design. Writing has deep roots in my life, starting when I was a young person. I absolutely love technical writing and creative writing. I have written many poems, sayings, and letters throughout the years. Yet, I craved a degree that branched into the technical aspects of information construction. I love everything about the research, compiling, organizing, writing, rewriting, and editing of technical documentation for various audiences (non-technical, sub-technical, technical and cross-cultural). My goal is to put my technical abilities to work for an organization that appreciates the creative component I have to offer as well.

My Visual Work

My images seek to capture significant and insignificant aspects of people, places, and things. My professional work consists of photographing real estate and land. My personal  and creative work consists of photographing architecture, landscapes, people, animals and macro photography outside and in a small studio setting. I studied graphic and interactive design and while doing so took a class in photography and I loved it. I enjoy spending my extra time honing my skills in photography, digital photo editing and design. Through photography I was able to work under my company name Vonrae Designs, as a freelance photographer, while I pursued a degree in technical communication.

My ultimate goal is to continue growing professionally, technically and creatively by doing.