Customer Service


Interior bathroom with dual mirrors – photographed by Alli Vonrae

Standards of Customer Service

There are times when I’m on my own at a property and other times I have the opportunity to meet the property owner/manager. It’s important to point out that I hold myself to high standards of customer service. Which really means, being myself. When I make contact with a client I behave respectfully. I view myself as an extension of the agent or broker. I am always pleasant, polite, respectful, patient, engaging, and I never linger too long. I’m in someone else’s personal space, I like to move quickly to give that space back to them as soon as possible. However, there are times when pleasant conversation is apparently going to happen, so I judge each event separately. Most importantly, I never over stay my welcome. The best part of the job is the opportunity to meet wonderful people. I always make a point to say a friendly good bye, and leave on a good note.