Creating Quality Photographs for Clients


Question (Alli at Vonrae Designs): “When it comes to marketing a house for your client, in regards to photographs and the photographer you hire, what is important to you?”

Answer (Joel Lesch at Altera Real Estate): “Quality of photos, timeliness and customer satisfaction with the photographer which reflects back to me.”

real estate, photography, front of house, Amador County, Sutter Creek, Jackson, California

Exterior – photographed by Alli Vonrae

Creating Quality Photographs for Clients

The care that goes into preparing professional, quality photographs for my clients entails more than simply snapping a picture. The actual photo shoot has some before and after work. The post processing is the behind the scenes work. This work happens back at the office with the computer and software programs. The following steps are all part of the process involved to deliver the product for which clients request my services.

The Photo Shoot Involves

  • Initial contact by client (Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Broker, Business Owner, etc.)
  • Preparing my equipment, cleaning lenses, charging batteries, etc.
  • Collecting details of the appointment (address, date, time, weather conditions)
  • Setting up equipment and adjusting camera settings
  • The actual photo shoot – how I approach the property – exterior & interior
  • Approaching each property owner/manager and leaving on a good note

The Post Processing Involves

  • Loading photos onto desktop
  • Creating a folder for client to maintain organization
  • Utilizing Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop to process photos
  • The production process
  • Sending files to client using Dropbox